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Mobile App Development

In process of time, people of the day are so much busy in their routine life. This is why;finding a webpage by typing a URL on the browser is very lethargic. The mobile app has made it easy to access the web page just a tap on the app icon. This connects to the web page without the direct access of the mobile browser.

Business-world has been highly depended on web-based marketing and the mobile application development has elevated it a hundred times faster. Therefore, every company should have their business app so that their business achieves a seamless engagement of users.

If you want to find out the best mobile application development company in Kolkata, you must keep Xigmapro in mind. Here, you will get iPhone and Android app development at an affordable cost by the skillful hands of veteran developers.

Android App Development

Android is evidently dominating the market of business nowadays. Lots of possible turning points have been changing the business prospect to its excellent standpoint. In this age of tough competition, reaching the mass is not an easy task! However, Google's Android has made it easy.

The operating system of Google, namely, Android is basically a free open source operating system has reached the hands of the users for its user-friendly feature and cost-effective services.

A data says around 2 billion people are using Android in the world, while the apple is capturing only a billion of user-base worldwide! The data also declares that Apple is the second most popular OS in the world capturing 44.9 percent of market share worldwide.Compared to Apple, Android has captured more 81.7 percent worldwide.

Therefore, you must find out the best Android App Development Company to build your Android app now!

iOS App Development

iPhone is the second-most popular operating system in the world. However, being the operating system costly, most users cannot afford it. But, the users of these high-end phones have been spread all over the world. For high security and sophistication, iPhones are adorned by its users. So, when you are planning for spreading your business to the worldwide clients, you cannot keep the iPhone users aside.

As its operating system is sophisticated and designed by only the Mac developers, the design, and development of its apps are also a little bit critical. Only the dedicated iOS App Development Company can fulfill your demand to meet the need for cross-platform access to your desired business app. Contact us now!

Native and Hybrid App Development

Let's clear out the meaning of Native and Hybrid App for the non-technical users! Native apps are the apps that are only efficient in performing a specific platform smoothly, i.e. Android Apps and iOS Apps. If it is an android app, it will not efficient in performing on iOS,and vice versa.

Today, native apps have some specific advantages of performing perfectly sitting on the specific operating system. Accessing camera, documents, contacts, sending an offline notification, etc. are its prime features that Web Apps (HTML Apps) do not possess.

On the other hand, Hybrid Apps combine the cross-platform extracting the benefits of native Apps and resolving the shortcomings of the Web Apps. A single app can perform both the operating systems i.e. Android and Mac OS (iOS). Lots of plugins make the apps feature ending whatever feature you want. So, this becomes cost-effective and highly futuristic in the long run!

If you want to reach the best Native and Hybrid App Development Company, contact Xigmapro now!