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Preschool and Kindergarten School Mobile Apps and Website Company in Kolkata

The website is still the most expected online identity for any organization, institute or company. Individuals also are preparing a website for their specific purposes. Simultaneously, being the revolution of smartphones, the modern world demands mobile apps most. Today, I want to discuss the demand of school management mobile apps and websites.

Let’s learn something that the Pre-school management team demands clearly. The Pre-school management team demands on time presence of teachers/ faculties, students, and non-teaching staff. The calculation of the entire fee payment and admission management should be done easily.

If the entire task can be done by simple web-based software and which will be connected to a mobile app, won’t it be a matter of great technological advancement to operate a Pre-school? Yes, the answer is not “probably”, it is ABSOLUTELY right. You can manage a preschool and kindergarten school, or a school of grownup students through the simply made website as well as interrelated mobile apps.

A Pre-school needs to manage the following sections clearly-

  • Staff/ faculties attendance
  • Non teaching staff management
  • Student management
  • Admission management
  • Students’ Fee payments and its clear calculation
  • Students’ attendance
  • Emergency notice
  • Students’ Homework and performance management
  • Report card publish
  • Notify everything happily to the parents
  • Solving every question of the parents
  • Live update facility of all these sections
  • School inventory management (chairs, desks, benches, etc.)

Along with the website database management, you can manage every part and parcel through the mobile applications. The entire job becomes easier than ever.

Say no to paperwork!

When the entire world is moving with digital applications, why won’t your Pre-school follow the same process? This is not the hazards of modern technology! It solves all your issues with a simple click of the mouse or the tap on the mobile app icon.

Tensions of parents? Gone!

Parents are always stay tensed when they sent the tender kids to the preschool. With the cloud-based mobile apps, they can spontaneously get the live updates of the kids whether they are in the classroom or on their school bus. So, parents can stay free from any kind of anxiety and tension during their school hours.

Clear admission and fee payment

When the entire admission test and admission process will be on the web platform, the parents will get shy of relief from any kind of corruption (if any) from the end of school authority. When you will pay online fees, you will get a digital document for your paid fees. On the other hand, you will get auto-notification from the app if the due date of fees is about to cross or already crossed.

Smart homework management

Either you prepare the website or app for the preschool or general school; you can surely get the updates of homework from the apps irrespective of the device. If your kid misses school for a day for a pleasant outing, or for physical illness, you will get smart updates on the app or website. So, your student won’t miss any single class or homework when the smart app is with you.

Apart from all these, you can customize the app according to your demand for all iOs and Android platforms. A compact UI and UX satisfy all root level users. So, Build your Pre-school app now and start smart work digitally!