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Mobile App Design Fundamentals

Mobile apps are playing a fundamental role in delivering contents and services. However, do all the apps bring the similar potentiality to the entrepreneurs? Probably not! A study says, the apps made with less concentration are meaningless to the users. More than 75% of users open an app once and never come back! Yeh! What is this? Then, why people are so much crazy about creating mobile apps? No, you can create a mobile app if you follow the app design fundamentals! Let's know!
So, a "Good Experience" can retain your app users! They are-

Minimize Cognitive Load
While the users interacting with an app, the users should not be fallen into any confusion (cognitive load). It is better to build the app with the consideration of the users' preference. Justify the users' mind and build the next-step!

Optimize the user interaction
The developers of an app need to understand how a user interacts with an app and what they really prefer. The more the designers and developers understand the users' intention, the way of motivation; the more the users will be satisfied with the app.

Some ways to optimize the user flow-

Divide the big task

If a user needs to perform a lot of steps and actions for a particular reason, the developers need to divide the entire task into different small steps so that the user does not feel the irritation of accessing the steps. If a user, suppose, needs to follow some progressive steps in an eCommerce site, you must divide the task into different parts!
You can win the minds of the users by limiting the actions required for accessing the steps of an app.
If you notice the app of a good app-depended cab, the user need not mention the location he is present, the app automatically tracks the geographical location! The user needs to select the pickup location.
When you ask the users to go "Next", you must bring them a natural function which is really essential- not to the unethical steps. You can use a call-to-action button mentioning what's next waiting for him. This enhances the users' intention to go forth.
The interface should always guide the users "what's next" logically.
Prioritize the most actionable job on a page. You can set highlighted call-to-action for the most actionable job on a single page.

Cut out the clutter
Excellent User interface (UI) design is all about supplying the subsequent information and restricting the irrelevant information (clutters).
When a user is facing so many options on the pages, images, icons, etc; the users get confused and feel a complication to proceed on. Clutter is unexpected for the desktop users, while the mobile users feel it totally intolerable. Keep a clear page that helps the users much to understand their further GOES.
You have to keep in mind that when you are using clatter-free UI, you are using functions which are essential for the particular step. You must consider the User Experience (UX) while accessing each step. Along with the relevancy, guide your users gradually step by step. Your users are happy; your prospects are also done!

Optimize the finger reachable area
Always keep in mind about finger reachable areas. You have to optimize the left hand, right hand and both hand using UI that enhances the user satisfaction much.
In a word, you have to design the UI and UX of an app in such a way that help the users to the root level. You should never forget the Os optimization for the specific apps (iOs and Android). So, let's go on designing apps with its perfect user- friendly feature keeping your business prospect in mind!